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Help us support women of the South Coast

Your support helps us provide much needed quality services, support and advocacy for local women, to help them live free from violence and discrimination and achieve their personal goals.

How you can make a difference

As a community organisation, we rely on support from donations and volunteers to help us provide support to women in our region.


Donations of $5 or more are tax deductible

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Southern Women’s Group encourages volunteer effort in our services. We direct this unpaid time and energy into the Management Committee as well as social action and advocacy to ensure local needs are met.

SWG annual membership is $5.

SWG is managed by a voluntary Committee, operating on feminist principles. Management meetings are held every 2 months on the third Friday of the month. The SWG has Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance for members of the committee.

Why do women join?
Why does SWG need members?

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Our organisation works hard to get useful information and resources out to the public. You can help us in this endeavour by following us on Facebook and via our email newsletter. 

Keeping up to date with Southern Women’s Group and our programs, and sharing with them with the community at large or women in need helps us get the word out about what we’re doing.

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